firebase_jwt_rs 0.1.2

Firebase utils for JWT client token decoding


Firebase JWT decoding utility for Rust.

What is this?

If you have a Rust server and plan to have API for verifying your firebase users' client token, then it's just for you!

It only contains small utility to decode your client token.

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  1. In your frontend, you can get your uid + client-token by using Firebase Client SDK.


  2. Then your frontend can hit the backend Rust API and send over uid+client-token to the HTTP Header/POST body (up to you), which will be passed to verify_token(uid, client_token) util.

  3. Add FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID environment variable to your backend on local and production server

  4. Backend Rust will verify and send back the JWT claim response (including extracted user's data, and verified user_id) back as json

How to use

use firebase_jwt_rs::*;
use jsonwebtoken::TokenData;
use std::error::Error;

let uid = "your-user-uid";
let client_token = "your-client-token";

let result: Result<TokenData<Claims>, Box<dyn Error>> = verify_token(uid, client_token).await;

match result {
  Ok(res: TokenData<Claims>) => {
    let text: String = serde_json::to_string(&;
  Err(e) => {