ff-derive-num 0.2.0

Procedural macro library to add the Num trait to Field implementations for ff


This crate provides a derive macro for num-traits::Num and associated traits for ff::Field implementations derived with the ff-derive crate.


use ff::PrimeField;         // ff should be used with the "derive" feature!
use ff_derive_num::Num;

#[PrimeFieldModulus = "70386805592835581672624750593"]
#[PrimeFieldGenerator = "17"]
#[PrimeFieldReprEndianness = "little"]
pub struct Ft([u64; 2]);


Copyright 2021 Riad S. Wahby

You may choose either the Apache-2.0 license or the MIT license.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution you submit will also be dual-licensed.