eureka 1.2.0

CLI tool to input and store your ideas without leaving the terminal
eureka-1.2.0 is not a library.

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eureka is a CLI tool that allows you to quickly write down your idea with the editor of your choice, and then have the idea committed and pushed to your idea git repository.

Imagine working on something important and then having an idea. Instead of letting your idea slip by you can just type eureka and you're able to quickly store your idea and then continue working.

It's developed by and for people who likes living in the terminal.


Required Setup

eureka requires a git repository with a in the root folder. This is the default structure when you create an empty repository with a readme on GitHub, so it's easy to start using it. And since it's your own repository you can make it private to keep your ideas secret.


$ cargo install eureka


The first time you run eureka it will ask a few questions regarding your setup. This configuration will be stored in ~/.eureka/.

After the setup is complete you simply run:

$ eureka

When your idea is committed it's pushed to origin/master.


--clear-editor    Clear the stored path to your idea editor
--clear-repo      Clear the stored path to your idea repo

Recommended alias

An easy to remember alias for eureka is the word idea. This makes it easy to remember to use eureka to store your ideas.


echo 'alias idea="eureka"' >> ~/.zshrc


echo 'alias idea="eureka"' >> ~/.bashrc


See github issues.