estunnel 1.6.3

Tool for downloading data from elasticsearch cluster.
estunnel-1.6.3 is not a library.

estunnel Build Status

estunnel is a CLI tool written by rust for downloading data from elasticsearch.

Command-line options

    estunnel pull [OPTIONS] --index <index> --query <query>

        --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -b, --batch <batch>      Scroll batch size. Size in query will be used if null.
    -h, --host <host>        ElasticSearch host url [default: http://localhost:9200]
    -i, --index <index>      Target index name(or alias)
    -o, --output <output>    File path for output [default: /dev/stdout]
    -q, --query <query>      File path for query body
    -s, --slice <slice>      Scroll slice count [default: 1]
        --ttl <ttl>          Scroll session ttl [default: 1m]
    -u, --user <user>        Username for http basic authorization

This is the output of estunnel pull --help.