entromatica 2.3.0

Entromatica is a library for constructing, simulating and analyzing markov chains.


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Entromatica is a library for constructing, simulating and analyzing markov chains.

It is split into two main parts: the simulation module and the models module collection.

The simulation module contains primarily the Simulation struct, which takes an initial state and a StateTransitionGenerator. This generator is a function that takes a state and returns a list of the next states in the markov chain with their respective relative probabilities.

The models module contains a collection of structs and functions that try to make constructing the state transition generator easier. Currently this includes only a single model: rules.

// This is a simple onedimensional random walk
use entromatica::prelude::*;
use std::sync::Arc;

// The initial state. It has to be Hash + Clone + Send + Sync + PartialEq + Eq + Debug
let initial_state: i32 = 0;

// The state transition generator. The simulation panics if the probabilities don't sum up to 1.0
let state_transition_generator =
Arc::new(|state: i32| vec![(state + 1, "next", 0.5), (state - 1, "previous", 0.5)]);

let mut simulation = Simulation::new(initial_state, state_transition_generator);

// The Shannon-entropy at the given time
assert_eq!(simulation.entropy(0), 0.0);
assert_eq!(simulation.entropy(1), 1.0);


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