emocli 0.8.5

emocli provides a command-line interface for searching emoji characters.


emocli provides a command-line interface for searching emoji characters.

It uses combined data from Mange/emoji-data and carloscuesta/gitmoji.

Homepage: https://github.com/duhdugg/emocli


Usage:	emocli [OPTIONS] <search>

-h | --help 	print this help
-l | --list 	list all emoji characters
-i | --info 	include info
-n | --name 	match name exactly

  --version 	print version and exit


list all emoji characters with their name, info, and gitmoji description (if available)

emocli -li

search for an emoji using keywords

emocli -i dog
# output
🐶 dog face | Animals & Nature / animal-mammal | dog,face,pet
🐕 dog | Animals & Nature / animal-mammal | dog,pet
🦮 guide dog | Animals & Nature / animal-mammal | accessibility,blind,guide,guide dog
🐕‍🦺 service dog | Animals & Nature / animal-mammal | accessibility,assistance,dog,service
🐩 poodle | Animals & Nature / animal-mammal | dog,poodle
🌭 hot dog | Food & Drink / food-prepared | frankfurter,hot dog,hotdog,sausage

print a specific emoji by name

if the name is more than one word, it should be enclosed in quotes

emocli -n 'guide dog'
# output

use in a commit message

git commit -m "$(emocli -n rocket) production launch"

use with rofi and xclip

rofi is a window switcher, application launcher, and dmenu replacement. Here, it is being used as a dmenu replacement to provide a graphical interface for search and select.

xclip is a command line utility that provides an interface to the X11 clipboard. Here, it is being used to copy its standard input into the clipboard.

# put this somewhere as a script in your PATH, shell alias, or keyboard shortcut
emocli -li | rofi -dmenu -window-title emoji | cut -d' ' -f1 | tr -d '\n' | xclip -selection clipboard


my terminal is not displaying all emoji characters

Your mileage may vary on terminal support for displaying emoji consisting of 2 or more characters joined by a zero-width joiner character (U+200D). The "service dog" emoji (🐕‍🦺) is one such example. Even with a proper font config, it will appear on many terminals as a dog next to a safety vest (🐕🦺).

Currently, the best configuration tested with emocli -li is the kitty terminal with the Noto Color Emoji font installed and configured in your fontconfig.


This software is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

This software includes source files from third party components, Gitmoji and Unicode CLDR. Each of these components have their own license. See data/gitmoji/gitmoji-license.txt and data/emoji/unicode-license.txt.


Pull requests are welcome at https://github.com/duhdugg/emocli/pulls

Submit issues at https://github.com/duhdugg/emocli/issues