emacs-rs-module 0.1.1

An Emacs dynamic module that can (re)load other dynamic modules
  • Emacs Rust Module

This is an Emacs dynamic module written in Rust that aims to streamline development of other Emacs dynamic modules.

** Installation Building: #+begin_src shell cargo build #+end_src Load the module in Emacs: #+begin_src lisp (module-load "/path/to/emacs-rs-module/target/debug/libemacs_rs_module.dylib") #+end_src ** Live reloading another module To be reloadable, the module must export an entry point named =emacs_rs_module_init=. See [[file:example-rs-module][example-rs-module]].

Run this in Emacs after each =cargo build= to reload the module: #+begin_src lisp (rs-module/load "/path/to/my-module/target/debug/libmy_module.dylib") #+end_src