emacs-rs-module 0.12.0

An Emacs dynamic module that helps developing other dynamic modules, in Rust
emacs-rs-module-0.12.0 is not a library.

Emacs Rust Module

This is an Emacs dynamic module that aims to streamline the development of other Emacs dynamic modules, written in Rust.


  • Build
    cargo build
  • Load the module in Emacs
    (module-load "/path/to/emacs-rs-module/target/debug/libemacs_rs_module.dylib")

Live reloading another module

To be reloadable, the module must export an entry point named emacs_rs_module_init. See test-module.

Run this in Emacs after each cargo build to reload the module:

(rs-module/load "/path/to/my-module/target/debug/libmy_module.dylib")


  • Add debug facilities.
  • Define interface for unloading.
  • Report ERT test results to cargo.