egg 0.2.0

An implementation of egraphs

egg: egraphs good

Build Status

Check out the web demo for some quick egraph action.

Using egg

Add egg to your Cargo.toml like this:

egg = "0.2.0"


It's written in Rust. Typically, you install Rust using rustup.

Run cargo doc --open to build and open the documentation in a browser.

Before committing/pushing, make sure to run make, which runs all the tests and lints that CI will.


You will need graphviz to run the tests. Running cargo test will run the tests.

There are a couple interesting tests in the tests directory:

  • implements propositional logic and proves some simple theorems.
  • implements real arithmetic, with a little bit of symbolic differentiation.
  • implements a small lambda calculus, using egg as a partial evaluator.