efm32 0.0.1

Unified device support crate for all EFM32 microcontrollers (WIP)
efm32-0.0.1 is not a library.

Unified EFM32 device support crate

The goal of this project is to unify support for all EFM32 parts into one crate. In order to try to achieve this, the original SVD files have been modified and combined into a small set of files. Unfortunately, it isn't possible for svd2rust to actually generate a single crate supporting all devices, nor is it possible to create a mega-crate that combines multiple svd2rust crates together. Issues arise with things such as the global vector table. Therefore, currently this crate is effectively a "meta-crate" that produces a tool that outputs a new crate when it is run.

For example, to generate a crate for the EFM32HG350F64 device, use

./target/debug/efm32 efm32hg350f64 >lib.rs

Note that "the point" of this repository is the maintenance of the files under svd/ and not the actual tool itself (which is just a thin wrapper around svd2rust).

Currently supported devices

  • All EFM32HG parts

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