easy-csv 0.2.0

Easily parse structs from CSVs.


Add a custom derive to a struct to make it immediately parsable from CSVs. The derive adds a method parse_csv which takes a csv::Reader and returns a Vec<T> where T is your type. The backend will ignore extra columns as necessary, and only requires that the columns which have fields in your struct exist. The String::parse<> functions are used to parse CSV fields to the datatype of the field in your struct.

Usage example:

extern crate easy_csv;
extern crate easy_csv_derive;
extern crate csv;

use easy_csv::EasyCSV;

struct Record {
    a : i32,
    b : i8,
    d : String,

fn main() {
    let data = "

    let mut rdr = csv::Reader::from_string(data);
    let res = Record::parse_csv(&mut rdr);
    println!("{:?}", res);

Will print [Record { a: 2, b: -3, d: "bar" }]