dors 0.0.3

No-fuss workspace-friendly task runner for cargo

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What is this?

A task runner for the rust and cargo ecosystem.

Especially targeted toward environments with a large cargo workspace, like embedded or cloud-based, that often contain multiple targets, tools outside of the rust ecosystem, complex deploy scripts, and CI pipelines.

Designed with the hope that easy things will be easy, and hard things will be possible.


# ./Dorsfile.toml
command = "cargo test --target x86_86-unknown-linux-gnu -- --nocapture"
$ cargo dors do-tests


$ cargo install dors


Run commands on all members of a workspace:

# ./Dorsfile.toml
command = "echo Hello, World! from $PWD"
run-from = "members"

Set crate-specific environment variables:

# ./member-1/Dorsfile
CARGO_TARGET_DIR = "../target-member-1"

Reduce duplication by inheriting workspace commands in member crates:

# ./Dorsfile.toml
command = "cargo check --all-targets"
$ cd shared_code && cargo dors check

Run multi-line bash scripts:

# ./Dorsfile.toml
command = '''
url=" 6969"
telnet $url

Invoke commands before or after others:

before = ["install-telnet"]
command = "telnet 6969"
after = ["congratulate"]

command = "sudo apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends telnet"

command = "echo 'I hope you played well!'"

Overwrite workspace-wide commands for a single workspace member:

command = "cargo build"
run-from = "members"
command = "cargo build --target arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi"

Skip particular members:

command = "cargo test"
run-from = "members"
skip-members = ["embedded_device"]

command = "cargo clippy"
run-from = "members"
only-members = ["shared_code"]

Run commands from member crate on workspace root:

# ./embedded_device/Dorsfile.toml
run-from = "workspace-root"
command = "echo interestingstuff > target/special-file"

Run commands from arbitrary paths:

# ./Dorsfile.toml
run-from = { path = "../random_node_project" }
command = "npm run"

...And more! 🎩


Q: Will this automatically provide me with standard cargo commands?
A: Nope. A blank Dorsfile is a blank Dorsfile. It's up to you to build it out.

Q: Is this ready for production?
A: This is currently in alpha. Use at your own risk.

Q: This looks pretty similar to cargo-make. What are the differences?
A: The syntax was inspired by cargo-make, and this project was originally started due to limitations in cargo-make's workspace support. This project has different goals, a different task execution model, and a different syntax.

Q: How do you pronounce this?
A: Like 'horse'

Q: Shouldn't you just add an 'e' at the end? Like 'dorse'?
A: Never. Nope. Go to your room. Don't come out till you've learned your lesson 🙃

Q: Do I have to use this with a workspace?
A: You can use this crate with or without your crate being a workspace.

Q: What are the next steps for improvement?
A: Likely error messaging. Want something? Open an issue!

Q: Would you accept a PR?
A: Absolutely!

Q: My question wasn't answered here
A: Feel free to reach out!

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