disqrust 0.1.0

A high-level library to implement Disque workers


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A high-level library to implement Disque workers.

The crate is called disqrust and you can depend on it via cargo:

disqrust = "0.1.0"

It currently requires Rust Beta or Nightly.

Basic Operation

extern crate disque;
extern crate disqrust;

use disque::Disque;
use disqrust::{EventLoop, Handler, JobStatus};

struct MyHandler(u8);

impl Handler for MyHandler {
    fn process_job(&self, queue_name: &[u8], jobid: &String, body: Vec<u8>) -> JobStatus {
        match queue_name {
            b"send email" => { /* send email */; JobStatus::AckJob },
            _ => JobStatus::NAck,

fn main() {
    let disque = Disque::open("redis://").unwrap();
    let mut el = EventLoop::new(disque, 4, MyHandler(0));
    el.watch_queue(b"my queue".to_vec());


For a more comprehensive documentation with all the available functions and parameters go to http://seppo0010.github.io/disqrust/

For a complete reference on Disque, check out https://github.com/antirez/disque