dir_lines_streamer 0.2.0

Read files inside a directory line-by-line, one file after the other (in human-alphabetical order)


dir_lines_streamer is a Rust crate allowing reading files inside a directory line-by-line, one file after the other (in human-alphabetical order).

# Cargo.toml
dir_lines_streamer = "0.1"


Let's say you have a directory containing files split by logrotate that you want to read line-by-line:

ls fixtures/non-empty-dir/
messages        messages.1      messages.10     messages.2      messages.20

Note how the alphabetical ordering sorts messages.10 before messages.2.

This crate allows creating a structure that implements the trait Iterator<Item = String> which returns the lines of the files.

use failure; // Crate failure 0.1
use dir_lines_streamer::DirectoryLinesStreamer;

let streamer_result: Result<DirectoryLinesStreamer, failure::Error> = DirectoryLinesStreamer::from_dir("fixtures/non-empty-dir");

// Read all lines of all files inside the directory and store them in a Vec<String>
let lines: Vec<String> = streamer.collect();

println!("lines: {:#?}", lines);

This will print:

lines: [
    "line one from messages\n",
    "line two from messages\n",
    "line three from messages\n",
    "line one from messages.1\n",
    "line two from messages.1\n",
    "line three from messages.1\n",
    "line one from messages.2\n",
    "line two from messages.2\n",
    "line three from messages.2\n",
    "line one from messages.10\n",
    "line two from messages.10\n",
    "line three from messages.10\n",
    "line one from messages.20\n",
    "line two from messages.20\n",
    "line three from messages.20\n"


Licensed under either of

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Copyright (c) Element AI Inc., 2018, by Nicolas Bigaouette. All rights reserved.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.