dbus 0.8.4

Bindings to D-Bus, which is a bus commonly used on Linux for inter-process communication.

D-Bus bindings for Rust

D-Bus is a message bus, and is mainly used in Linux for communication between processes. It is present by default on almost every Linux distribution out there, and runs in two instances - one per session, and one system-wide.

In addition to the API documentation, which you're currently reading, you might want to look in the examples directory, which contains many examples and some additional documents. README.md also contains a few quick "getting started" examples (as well as information about the futures and no-string-validation features).

In addition to this crate, there are some companion crates:

  • dbus-tokio for integrating D-Bus with Tokio
  • dbus-codegen for generating code from D-Bus introspection data
  • libdbus-sys contains the raw bindings to the C libdbus library.