dart 0.1.0

Idiomatic bindings to the dart native extensions api


Idiomatic Bindings to the Dart Native Extensions API

This crate serves three purposes:

  • To provide a kind of "filter" between what's unsafe to do and what is safe to do. These items are found directly within /src, and are essentially light wrappers around the raw api.
  • To provide idiomatic bindings to some core Dart types. These are found under /src/dart_types, and provide rust-like semantics for dart operations, operators, functions, etc.
  • To make integration with the Dart VM easier, by providing macros which generate functions with the correct names, attributes and boilerplate to create a native extension function. These macros are the export_dart_functions and create_init_function.

Usage of the macros to expose correct functionality can be seen in the examples, with both the async and sync functions being exposed.

Note, that the creation of libraries using this crate must undergo the same process as described in dart_sys's readme.