ct-codecs 1.1.1

Constant-time hex and base64 codecs from libsodium reimplemented in Rust


A reimplementation of the base64 and hexadecimal codecs from libsodium and libhydrogen in Rust.

  • Constant-time for a given length, suitable for cryptographic purposes
  • Strict (base64 strings are not malleable)
  • Supports padded and unpadded, original and URL-safe base64 variants
  • Supports characters to be ignored by the decoder
  • Zero dependencies, no_std friendly.

API documentation

Example usage

use ct_codecs::{Base64UrlSafe, Decoder, Encoder};

let encoded = Base64UrlSafe::encode_to_string(x)?;
let decoded = Base64UrlSafe::decode_to_vec(encoded, None)?;