crossterm_winapi 0.1.0

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Crossterm Winapi | Common used WinApi Abstractions

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This crate provides some wrappers aground common used WinApi functions. This crate is used by crossterm and is very unstable right now and some changes could be expected.


This crate provides some abstractions over:

  • CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFO (used to extract information like cursor pos, terminal size etc.)
  • HANDLE (the handle needed to run functions from WinApi)
  • SetConsoleActiveScreenBuffer (activate an other screen buffer)
  • Set/GetConsoleMode (e.g. console modes like disabling output)
  • SetConsoleTextAttribute (eg. coloring)
  • SetConsoleWindowInfo (changing the buffer location e.g. scrolling)
  • FillConsoleOutputAttribute, FillConsoleOutputCharacter (used to replace some block of cells with a color or character.)
  • SetConsoleInfo


Here are some examples do demonstrate how to work whit this crate. Please see examples for more

Screenbuffer information

use crossterm_winapi::{ScreenBuffer, Handle};

fn print_screen_buffer_information() {
    let screen_buffer = ScreenBuffer::current().unwrap();

    // get console screen buffer information
    let csbi =;

    println!("cursor post: {:?}", csbi.cursor_pos());
    println!("attributes: {:?}", csbi.attributes());
    println!("terminal window dimentions {:?}", csbi.terminal_window());
    println!("terminal size {:?}", csbi.terminal_size());


use crossterm_winapi::{HandleType, Handle};

fn get_different_handle_types() {
    let out_put_handle = Handle::new(HandleType::OutputHandle).unwrap();
    let out_put_handle = Handle::new(HandleType::InputHandle).unwrap();
    let curr_out_put_handle = Handle::new(HandleType::CurrentOutputHandle).unwrap();
    let curr_out_put_handle = Handle::new(HandleType::CurrentInputHandle).unwrap();


I wanted to expose some of the api crossterm uses for WinApi.

  1. I thought it would be helpful for other people to, to have a small rust seemable abstraction over the WinApi bindings.
  2. I have some future plans for crossterm wherefore I needed to seperate the WinAPi logic out of the currenbt librarie.