crates_cli 0.2.2

A command line interface for finding and managing crates.
crates_cli-0.2.2 is not a library.


rust-clippy analyze

A command line interface for finding and managing Rust crates, heavily inspired by cargo-edit.

What's new (v0.2.2):

  • Windows support! The project has now switched to crossterm, which should allow it to function on Windows.


cargo install crates_cli

cargo crate [SUBCOMMAND] [OPTIONS] <crate>

Check the Usage page in the wiki for more info on how to use crates_cli.


  • find searches for a crate
  • show displays information about a crate, including homepage and documentation links.
  • deps displays the dependencies of a crate.
  • versions shows available versions for a crate, and allows you to filter

Planned features:

  • add, rm, and version for managing dependencies
  • feature and related subcommands for managing features of dependencies
  • license to retrieve the license of a crate


Collaboration is welcome. Feel free to submit issues and pull requests!


This project uses rustfmt for formatting, and clippy for linting.