copc-rs 0.3.0

Cloud Optimized Point Cloud (COPC) reader.

copc-rs version docs

copc-rs is a library for reading Cloud Optimized Point Cloud (COPC) data.

Usage example

let laz_file = BufReader::new(File::open("autzen-classified.copc.laz")?);
let mut copc_reader = CopcReader::open(laz_file)?;
for point in copc_reader.points(LodSelection::Level(0), BoundsSelection::All)?.take(5) {
    println!("Point coordinates: ({}, {}, {})", point.x, point.y, point.z);

Run an example:

cargo run --example copc_http


This library depends heavily on the work of Thomas Montaigu (@tmontaigu) and Pete Gadomski (@gadomski).