cmake-version-manager 0.2.2

CMake version helps manage installed versions of cmake.
cmake-version-manager-0.2.2 is not a library.

CMake Version Manager

CMake Version Manager (cvm) is a command line tool that help manage currently installed versions of cmake.

Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows 10


To install cvm you will need to have cargo. Installing Rust will provide cargo tools. Visit for installation steps. Once installed you can run cargo install cmake-version-manager.

After installing make sure to add the following to your profiles

  • Linux: export PATH=$HOME/.cvm/bins/current/bin:$PATH
  • OSX: export PATH=$HOME/.cvm/bins/current/$PATH
  • Windows: $env:Path += ";$HOME/.cvm/bins/current/bin"


Below are some visual examples on how to use cvm. But keep in mind that at any point you can use cvm --help to find a list of commands that can be used.


$ cvm install 3.20.2

# For interactive mode
$ cvm install


$ cvm switch 3.20.1

# For interactive mode to choose through installed versions
$ cvm switch


$ cvm remove 3.20.2

# For interactive mode to remove currently installed version


# Lists the latest 10 releases
$ cvm list

# Lists all latests releases (max 100)
$ cvm list --all


# Installs if the version does not exits. Otherwise switches it.
cvm 3.19.6