A simple CLI timer, written in Rust.

CLI app

This project's main use is as a CLI app, but it can also be used as a crate / library.



cargo install climer

From source

You will need cargo to compile from source, which is shipped with Rust.

git clone # Clone the repository
cargo install --path ./climer                # Compile and install


For the very basic timing feature, you can run something like:

climer 2m 30s

This will run the timer and print a readable representation of the remaining time to stdout.
When the time is up, the app will simply exit with exit code 0,
so it is up to you to then play an alarm sound or whatever you may want it to trigger;
for example:

climer 1h 2m 30s && mpv ~/Music/alarm.mp3

For more detailed usage information, check out the help page with:

climer -h      # Brief help
climer --help  # More detailed help

Library crate

In your Cargo.toml ...

climer = { version = "0.7.0", default-features = false }

See below for available features.

Compilation features

Name Description Default?
cli Required for the binary app. You should disable this for library crates true
serialize Adds serde dependency and implements Serialize and Deserialize for time::Time false
parser Adds regex dependency and adds time::parser module with functions for parsing a time from a given string enabled by cli feature


Documentation should be available at


MIT License