change-git-user 1.2.0

Manage multiple git configurations
change-git-user-1.2.0 is not a library.

cgu CI

Manage multiple git configurations

Inspired by Git-User-Switch.


# this will install the executable `cgu`
cargo install change-git-user

# enable only the cli
cargo install --no-default-features --features=cli change-git-user

# enable only prompts
cargo install --no-default-features --features=prompts change-git-user


  • Switch and config
  • Assign an optional user.signingKey to the config
  • Give the config a name to remember it by (e.g. "Work" or "Personal")
  • Uses git2 to discover a repository and manipulate its config



# This will spawn prompts to guide you through managing user configurations


If you don't want use use prompts, you can use subcommands instead. The subcommands are:

  • add
  • select
  • delete
  • view


# view CLI options
cgu --help

# view subcommand help
cgu <subcommand> --help

# Add a config with the name "My Config"
# Defaults to the value ("My Name" in this example) if --name is not passed
cgu add --name "My Config" "My Name"

# View all configs
cgu view --all

# Select the new config
cgu select "My Config"

# Delete the new config
cgu delete "My Config"