cargo-watch 3.2.0

Utility for cargo to compile projects when sources change
# $ cargo watch

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Cargo Watch watches over your project's source for changes, and runs Cargo
commands when they occur.

If you've used [nodemon], [gulp], [guard], [watchman], or similar others,
it will probably feel familiar.


## Install

    $ cargo install cargo-watch

To upgrade:

    $ cargo install --force cargo-watch

Or clone and build with `$ cargo build` then place in your $PATH.

## Usage

By default, it runs `check` (which is available [since Rust 1.16][st-check]).
You can easily override this, though:

    $ cargo watch [command...]

A few examples:

    $ cargo watch test
    $ cargo watch run
    $ cargo watch doc
    $ cargo watch test bench
    $ cargo watch "build --release"
    $ cargo watch "build --release" "test test_"


### Force polling

If the commands are never triggering, or you're getting this error:

    ERROR:cargo_watch: Failed to init notify

You can try the alternative (polling) file watcher, by passing `--poll`.

### Clear screen

If you prefer to clear the screen before running commands, you can pass the
`--clear` flag. If you want to clear the screen in-between individual commands,
you can use `clear` as a command, e.g.

    $ cargo watch check clear test

### Cargo run

~~Cargo Watch has special behaviour with `run` commands: it will restart the
process on file change. This works especially well when developing servers
or other applications that never return on normal operation.~~

⚠ This currently doesn't work properly, see [#25]( ⚠

As a result of this long-standing issue (a contributed fix would be immensely
appreciated, but I'll get to it eventually), if you're developing servers it's
probably better to use an alternative, like [nodemon] if you have Node, or
[watchexec] if you like Rust tooling.


## Details and tips

It pairs well with [dybuk], the compiler output prettifier:

    $ cargo watch |& dybuk

Just like any Cargo command, it will run from any project subdirectory.

Cargo Watch will ignore everything that's not a Rust file, and files that start
with either a dot (``) or a tilde (``).

It uses the [notify] crate for file events, so it supports all platforms, some
more efficiently than others (if you use the big three — Linux, Mac, Windows —
you will be fine).

If your Cargo Watch fails to watch some deep directories but not others, and you
are on Linux, you may have hit [the inotify watch limit](
You can either increase the limit (instructions are on the previous link and at
[this Guard wiki page](,
or you can stop whatever it is that's consuming so many inotify watches.

It [does not yet][i-52] support Cargo workspaces.


## Etc

Created by [Félix Saparelli][passcod] and [awesome contributors][contributors].