cargo-temp 0.1.2

A CLI tool that allow you to create a temporary new rust project using cargo with already installed dependencies
cargo-temp-0.1.2 is not a library.


A CLI tool for linux (currently) that allow you to create a new rust project in a temporary directory with already installed dependencies.

Cargo-temp demo


Requires Rust 1.51.

cargo install cargo-temp


Create a new temporary project:

  • With no additional dependencies: $ cargo-temp

  • With multiple dependencies: $ cargo-temp rand tokio

  • With a dependency that have a fixed version: $ cargo-temp anyhow==1.0.13


If you change your mind and decide to keep the project you can just delete the TO_DELETE file and the directory will not be deleted when the shell exits.


The config file is located at {CONFIG_DIR}/cargo-temp/config.toml. When you run cargo-temp for the first time it will be created automatically

  • temporary_project_dir: path where the temporary projects are created (cache directory by default).
  • cargo_target_dir: cargo's target directory override (unset by default). This setting is ignored if CARGO_TARGET_DIR is already set.