cargo-temp 0.1.1

A CLI tool that allow you to create a temporary new rust project using cargo with already installed dependencies
cargo-temp-0.1.1 is not a library.


A CLI tool for linux (currently) that allow you to create a new rust project in a temporary directory with already installed dependencies.

Cargo-temp demo

Only *nix OS are supported for now because a shell is ran while the project is being edited by the user. It would be nice to have this working on Windows. If you know how to achieve this, please open an issue to tell us (or a PR.)


Requires Rust 1.51.

cargo install cargo-temp


Create a new temporary project:

  • With no additional dependencies: $ cargo-temp

  • With multiple dependencies: $ cargo-temp rand tokio

  • With a dependency that have a fixed version: $ cargo-temp anyhow==1.0.13


If you change your mind and decide to keep the project you can just delete the TO_DELETE file and the directory will not be deleted when the shell exits.


The config file is located at {CONFIG_DIR}/cargo-temp/config.toml. When you run cargo-temp for the first time it will be created automatically

  • temporary_project_dir: path where the temporary projects are created (cache directory by default).
  • cargo_target_dir: cargo's target directory override (unset by default). This setting is ignored if CARGO_TARGET_DIR is already set.