cargo-information 0.6.0

A cargo subcommand to show information about crates.

Cargo Information

This project is a response to issue #948 on the Rust Lang Cargo repository.



cargo-info is a tool that provides detailed information about a Rust package. It fetches data from the package's Cargo.toml file and presents it in a user-friendly format.


  • Works with all registries that are compatible with Cargo
  • Fetches and displays basic package information (name, version, owners, etc.)
  • Shows package dependencies and their versions
  • Provides information about package features



To install cargo-info, run the following command:

cargo install cargo-information

or if you want to install the latest version from the main branch:

cargo install cargo-information --git

This library depends on OpenSSL. You may need to install OpenSSL on your system before installing cargo-info. Or you can use the vendored-openssl feature to use the vendored version of OpenSSL:

cargo install cargo-information --features vendored-openssl

Arch Linux

cargo-info can be installed from the AUR using an AUR helper. For example:

paru -S cargo-information


After installation, you can use the cargo info command followed by the package name to get information about a package:

$ cargo info --help
Display info about a package in the registry

Usage: cargo info [OPTIONS] <SPEC>

      --index <INDEX>        Registry index URL to search packages in
      --registry <REGISTRY>  Registry to search packages in
  -v, --verbose...           Use verbose output (-vv very verbose/ output)
  -q, --quiet                Do not print cargo log messages
      --color <WHEN>         Coloring: auto, always, never
      --config <KEY=VALUE>   Override a configuration value
  -Z <FLAG>                  Unstable (nightly-only) flags to Cargo, see 'cargo -Z help' for details
  -h, --help                 Print help

Package Selection:
  <SPEC>  Package to inspect

Manifest Options:
      --frozen   Require Cargo.lock and cache are up to date
      --locked   Require Cargo.lock is up to date
      --offline  Run without accessing the network

Run `cargo help info` for more detailed information.


Contributions are welcome! Please feel free to submit a Pull Request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.