bytesize 0.2.1

an utility to represent human-readable byte-size representation


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ByteSize is an utility that easily makes bytes size representation and helps its arithmetic operations.

API Documentation


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

bytesize = "0.2.0"

and this to your crate root:

extern crate bytesize;


Arithmetic operations

extern crate bytesize;

use bytesize::ByteSize;

fn byte_arithmetic_operator() {
  let x = ByteSize::mb(1);
  let y = ByteSize::kb(100);

  let plus = x + y;
  print!("{}", plus);

  let minus = ByteSize::tb(100) + ByteSize::gb(4);
  print!("{}", minus);

Human readable string

fn assert_display(expected: &str, b: ByteSize) {
  assert_eq!(expected, format!("{}", b));

  fn test_display() {
    assert_display("215 B", ByteSize::b(215));
    assert_display("1.0 KB", ByteSize::kb(1));
    assert_display("301.0 KB", ByteSize::kb(301));
    assert_display("419.0 MB", ByteSize::mb(419));
    assert_display("518.0 GB", ByteSize::gb(518));
    assert_display("815.0 TB", ByteSize::tb(815));
    assert_display("609.0 PB", ByteSize::pb(609));

  fn assert_to_string(expected: &str, b: ByteSize, si: bool) {
    assert_eq!(expected.to_string(), b.to_string(si));

  fn test_to_string() {
    assert_to_string("215 B", ByteSize::b(215), true);
    assert_to_string("215 B", ByteSize::b(215), false);

    assert_to_string("1.0 kiB", ByteSize::kib(1), true);
    assert_to_string("1.0 KB", ByteSize::kib(1), false);

    assert_to_string("293.9 kiB", ByteSize::kb(301), true);
    assert_to_string("301.0 KB", ByteSize::kb(301), false);

    assert_to_string("1.0 MiB", ByteSize::mib(1), true);
    assert_to_string("1048.6 KB", ByteSize::mib(1), false);

    assert_to_string("1.9 GiB", ByteSize::mib(1907), true);
    assert_to_string("2.0 GB", ByteSize::mib(1908), false);

    assert_to_string("399.6 MiB", ByteSize::mb(419), true);
    assert_to_string("419.0 MB", ByteSize::mb(419), false);

    assert_to_string("482.4 GiB", ByteSize::gb(518), true);
    assert_to_string("518.0 GB", ByteSize::gb(518), false);

    assert_to_string("741.2 TiB", ByteSize::tb(815), true);
    assert_to_string("815.0 TB", ByteSize::tb(815), false);

    assert_to_string("540.9 PiB", ByteSize::pb(609), true);
    assert_to_string("609.0 PB", ByteSize::pb(609), false);