bootloader 0.3.6

An experimental pure-Rust x86 bootloader.


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An experimental x86 bootloader written in Rust and inline assembly.

Written for the second edition of the Writing an OS in Rust series.



Build and Run

You need a nightly Rust compiler and cargo xbuild.

Then you can run the builder executable with your kernel as argument:

cd builder
cargo run -- --kernel path/to/your/kernel/elf/file

This will output a file named bootimage.bin in the ../target/x86_64-bootloader/release folder.

You can run this file using QEMU:

qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,file=target/x86_64-bootloader/release/bootimage.bin

Or burn it to an USB drive:

dd if=target/x86_64-blog_os/debug/bootimage-blog_os.bin of=/dev/sdX && sync

Where sdX is the device name of your USB stick. Be careful to choose the correct device name, because everything on that device is overwritten.