bluez-generated 0.1.0

Generated bindings for talking to BlueZ on Linux.

Generated bindings for BlueZ

This crate contains async bindings for Bluez.

Bindings are generated from introspection data, using dbus-codegen. This means that it is relatively easy to maintain, but it only covers interfaces that I have the devices for.

Adding Interfaces

If there is an interface that you need which is not generated, it should be reasonably straightforward to generate them and send a pull request. See for details. It's also perfectly reasonable to generate the interfaces you need and vendor them into your project.

Future Direction

Only async bindings are generated. Blocking bindings could also be generated, but I'm unlikely to use them, so they would need to be contributed by someone else.

It would be nice to generate some strongly typed bindings around get_managed_objects() for bulk-fetching properties and add_match() for subscribing to events.