bluedroid 0.3.7

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Bluedroid Rust wrapper build

This is a Rust wrapper for the Bluedroid Bluetooth stack for ESP32. It allows you to build a GATT server with a declarative API and supports multithreading.


Declare a characteristic:

  let manufacturer_name_characteristic = Characteristic::new(BleUuid::Uuid16(0x2A29))
        .name("Manufacturer Name String")
        .on_write(|data, param| {
            info!("Received write request: {:?} {:?}", data, param);
        .set_value("Hello, world!".as_bytes().to_vec())

Declare a service:

let device_information_service = Service::new(BleUuid::Uuid16(0x180A))
    .name("Device Information")

Declare a profile and start the server:

let profile = Profile::new(0x0001)
    .name("Device Information")



  • GATT server
    • Advertisement
      • Custom name
      • Custom appearance
    • Multiple applications
    • Services
      • Declaration
      • Advertisement
    • Characteristics
      • Declaration
      • Broadcast
      • Read
        • Static (by stack)
        • Dynamic (by application, with callback)
        • Long
      • Write
        • With response
        • Without response
        • Long
      • Notify
      • Indicate
    • Descriptors
      • Declaration
      • Read
      • Write
    • Encryption
  • GATT client

    There are currently no plans to implement the GATT client API. Contributions are welcome.

  • BR/EDR

    There are currently no plans to implement the Bluetooth Classic API. Contributions are welcome.