bitmaps 3.2.0

Fixed size boolean arrays


A fixed size compact boolean array in Rust.


This crate provides a convenient and efficient way of declaring and working with fixed size bitmaps in Rust. It was originally split out from the sized-chunks crate and its primary purpose is to support it, but the Bitmap type has proven to be generally useful enough that it was split off into a separate crate.


use bitmaps::Bitmap;

fn main() {
    let mut bitmap = Bitmap::<10>::new();
    assert_eq!(bitmap.set(5, true), false);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.set(5, true), true);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.get(5), true);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.get(6), false);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.len(), 1);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.set(3, true), false);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.len(), 2);
    assert_eq!(bitmap.first_index(), Some(3));
    assert_eq!(bitmap.last_index(), Some(5));



Copyright 2019 Bodil Stokke

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