bevy_retro_camera 1.1.0

Scaled pixel-perfect rendering camera for Bevy

Bevy Retro Camera lines of code

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Bevy Retro camera is a 2D, pixel-perfect camera for Bevy. It does work for Bevy 0.8.


  • Easy to configure camera optimized for 2D pixel-art rendering.
  • Plugin that improve Bevy's rendering for pixel art -> Will save you hours of "Why my pixels are blurs ?"


Create a startup system and use RetroCameraBundle to create a camera. It's also recommended to add the RetroCameraPlugin to disable the blur effect due to Bevy's default rendering configuration.

// Add RetroCameraPlugin to you app + a startup system
fn main() {

// Configure your startup system
fn setup(mut commands: Commands) {
    let height: f32 = 240.0;  // Viewport size
    let scale: f32 = 1.0;  // Viewport scaling factor
    commands.spawn_bundle(RetroCameraBundle::fixed_height(height, scale));

Compatibility matrix

Bevy bevy_retro_camera
0.8 1.0

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