bencher 0.1.5

A port of the libtest (unstable Rust) benchmark runner to Rust stable releases. Supports running benchmarks and filtering based on the name. Benchmark execution works exactly the same way and no more (caveat: black_box is still missing!).

// Also look in Cargo.toml how to use a benchmark setup with harness = false

extern crate bencher;

use bencher::Bencher;

fn a(bench: &mut Bencher) {
    bench.iter(|| {
        (0..1000).fold(0, |x, y| x + y)

fn b(bench: &mut Bencher) {
    const N: usize = 1024;
    bench.iter(|| {
        vec![0u8; N]

    bench.bytes = N as u64;

benchmark_group!(benches, a, b);