basic-lang 0.3.0

The BASIC programming language as it was in 1978.


The BASIC programming language as it was on 8-bit CPUs.


Future versions of BASIC used more structure and less lines numbers and GOTOs. This project is a historical preservation of BASIC just before then. A time when most people were learning about computers by typing in BASIC programs published in books and magazines.

The first computer book to sell one million copies was a collection of BASIC Computer Games. It was followed up with More BASIC Computer Games. You can run all those and more with this dialect of BASIC.


There are many missing many statements and functions but everything that is currently implemented should be fully working with good error messages and no panics. Until I release binaries, you'll need Rust to install. Use:

$ cargo install basic-lang

To uninstall:

$ cargo uninstall basic-lang

Or cargo build from the latest source, of course.