basalt 0.18.0

A window/ui framework built upon vulkan.

Basalt is a window/ui framework for building desktop applications or providing a ui a top other applications. In the backend vulkano which is a safe rust wrapper around vulkan. Basalt provides window creation, advance input handling, and along with the ui itself. The UI is based on the idea of a Bin. A Bin can have borders, backgrounds, and text and is the the fundamental element for building any ui widget/element. Currently the amount of provided widgets/elements is limited.

The project is very much a work in progress and is what I work on the side. Some issues exists, but nothing preventing you from creating a full-fledged app!

use basalt::input::MouseButton;
use basalt::interface::bin::{self, BinPosition, BinStyle};
use basalt::Basalt;

fn main() {
			.window_size(300, 300)
		Box::new(move |basalt_res| {
			let basalt = basalt_res.unwrap();
			let background = basalt.interface_ref().new_bin();

			background.style_update(BinStyle {
				pos_from_t: Some(0.0),
				pos_from_b: Some(0.0),
				pos_from_l: Some(0.0),
				pos_from_r: Some(0.0),
				back_color: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("f0f0f0")),

			let button = basalt.interface_ref().new_bin();

			button.style_update(BinStyle {
				position: Some(BinPosition::Parent),
				pos_from_t: Some(75.0),
				pos_from_l: Some(75.0),
				width: Some(75.0),
				height: Some(30.0),
				back_color: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("c0c0c0")),
				border_size_t: Some(1.0),
				border_size_b: Some(1.0),
				border_size_l: Some(1.0),
				border_size_r: Some(1.0),
				border_color_t: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("707070")),
				border_color_b: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("707070")),
				border_color_l: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("707070")),
				border_color_r: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("707070")),
				text: String::from("Button"),
				text_height: Some(14.0),
				pad_t: Some(10.0),
				pad_l: Some(10.0),
				text_color: Some(bin::Color::srgb_hex("303030")),

				move |_button, event_data| {
					println!("{:?}", event_data);