backr 0.4.1

A program that backs up user data that matches a regular expression
backr-0.4.1 is not a library.

Backr - Backs up user data Build Status

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Command           Time (min)    GB/min
`cp -r`             33:50       ~1.21
`rsync -r`          32:15       ~1.27
`backr (0.2.2)      22:58       ~1.78
`backr -apt 3`      20:26       ~2
`backr -apt 7`      16:36       ~2.49

This test was conducted by using the `time` command to measure the run time
of each program as it copied 41GB of data from a remote location to a
remote destination. Take the results with a grain of salt as the test is
very simple and was performed in a very loosely controlled environment.

Specs of test Machine:
    Cpu: i7-4770 @ 3.9GHz
    OS: Fedora 28 4.16.14-300.fc28.x86_64
    Rust ver: rustc 1.26.2 (594fb253c 2018-06-01)


Backup all data in the Home directory
$ backr -a -s $HOME -d backup_dir

Update an existing backup, showing a progress bar and using 5 threads
$ backr -aupt 5 -s $HOME -d backup_dir

Passing a custom regex so that only files/folders that match will be copied
$ backr -r ".*(\.bak|\.cpp|\.rs)" -s $HOME -d backup_dir


-a, --backup-all
    Backup all files found, overriding the regex. Because of this, it
    conflicts with the regex option.

-h, --help
    Prints help information

-p, --progress
    Displays a progress bar during the backup.

-V, --version
    Prints version information


-d, --destination <DESTINATION_PATH>
    The path to the location you want the data saved to.

-o, --output_file <output_file>
    Specifies the location that failed transfer paths are written to
    [default: "<DESTINATION_PATH>/backr_log.txt"]

-r, --regex <regex>
    Passes a regex to the program to only backup matching files and directories.
    [default: "Documents|Downloads|Movies|Music|Pictures|Videos"]

-s, --source <SOURCE_PATH>
    The path to the User directory you want to backup.

-t, --threads <NUM>
    Number of threads that will be used to backup files
    [default: 2]

-u, --update <update>
    If this flag is set, backr will check the metadata of the source 
    file and the already existing destination file, and will keep
    the newest one.
    [default: false]