azure-functions 0.3.0

Azure Functions for Rust

Azure Functions for Rust

The Azure Functions for Rust crate supports creating Azure Functions with Rust.

The following Azure Functions trigger bindings are supported:

The following Azure Functions input bindings are supported:

The following Azure Functions output bindings are supported:

Eventually more bindings will be implemented, including custom binding data.


Start by installing the Azure Functions for Rust SDK:

$ cargo install azure-functions-sdk

Create a new Azure Functions for Rust application:

$ cargo func new-app hello && cd hello

Azure Functions are implemented by applying a #[func] attribute to a Rust function.

For example, let's create src/functions/ that implements a HTTP triggered function:

use azure_functions::func;
use azure_functions::bindings::{HttpRequest, HttpResponse};

#[binding(name = "request", auth_level = "anonymous")]
pub fn hello(request: &HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse {
    // Log the request on the Azure Functions Host
    info!("Request: {:?}", request);

    // Return a formatted string as the response
        "Hello from Rust, {}!",
        request.query_params().get("name").map_or("stranger", |x| x)

Export the Azure Function by changing src/functions/ to:

mod hello;

pub const FUNCTIONS: &[&azure_functions::codegen::Function] = azure_functions::export! {

Run the application with cargo func run:

$ cargo func run

The above Azure Function can be invoked with http://localhost:8080/api/hello?name=Peter.

The expected response would be Hello from Rust, Peter!.