aws-sdk-dynamodbstreams 0.9.0

AWS SDK for Amazon DynamoDB Streams
//! <fullname>Amazon DynamoDB</fullname>
//! <p>Amazon DynamoDB Streams provides API actions for accessing streams and processing
//! stream records. To learn more about application development with Streams, see <a href="">Capturing
//! Table Activity with DynamoDB Streams</a> in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer
//! Guide.</p>
//! # Crate Organization
//! The entry point for most customers will be [`Client`]. [`Client`] exposes one method for each API offered
//! by the service.
//! Some APIs require complex or nested arguments. These exist in [`model`](crate::model).
//! Lastly, errors that can be returned by the service are contained within [`error`]. [`Error`] defines a meta
//! error encompassing all possible errors that can be returned by the service.
//! The other modules within this crate are not required for normal usage.

// Code generated by DO NOT EDIT.
pub use error_meta::Error;

pub use config::Config;

mod aws_endpoint;
/// Client and fluent builders for calling the service.
pub mod client;
/// Configuration for the service.
pub mod config;
/// Errors that can occur when calling the service.
pub mod error;
mod error_meta;
/// Input structures for operations.
pub mod input;
mod json_deser;
mod json_errors;
mod json_ser;
pub mod middleware;
/// Data structures used by operation inputs/outputs.
pub mod model;
mod no_credentials;
/// All operations that this crate can perform.
pub mod operation;
mod operation_deser;
mod operation_ser;
/// Output structures for operations.
pub mod output;
/// Crate version number.
pub static PKG_VERSION: &str = env!("CARGO_PKG_VERSION");
/// Re-exported types from supporting crates.
pub mod types {
    pub use aws_smithy_http::result::SdkError;
    pub use aws_smithy_types::Blob;
    pub use aws_smithy_types::DateTime;
static API_METADATA: aws_http::user_agent::ApiMetadata =
    aws_http::user_agent::ApiMetadata::new("dynamodbstreams", PKG_VERSION);
pub use aws_smithy_http::endpoint::Endpoint;
pub use aws_smithy_types::retry::RetryConfig;
pub use aws_types::app_name::AppName;
pub use aws_types::region::Region;
pub use aws_types::Credentials;
pub use client::Client;