audio-visualizer 0.1.4

Simple audio visualization library which is especially useful for developers to visually check audio algorithms against the waveform.

Rust library: audio-visualizer

So far this library is really simple and mainly targets developers that develop audio algorithms. With this library you can easily display your current audio data/waveform and check if everything looks good. So far it only supports a static visualization with export as PNG file. Code contributions are very welcome!

Example visualization of a waveform

Example code

use minimp3::{Decoder as Mp3Decoder, Frame as Mp3Frame, Error as Mp3Error};
use audio_visualizer::ChannelInterleavement;
use audio_visualizer::Channels;
use audio_visualizer::waveform::staticc::png_file::visualize;
use std::path::PathBuf;
use std::fs::File;

fn main() {
    let mut path = PathBuf::new();
    let mut decoder = Mp3Decoder::new(File::open(path).unwrap());

    let mut lrlr_mp3_samples = vec![];
    loop {
        match decoder.next_frame() {
            Ok(Mp3Frame { data: samples_of_frame, .. }) => {
                for sample in samples_of_frame {
            Err(Mp3Error::Eof) => break,
            Err(e) => panic!("{:?}", e),