async-walkdir 0.2.0

Asynchronous directory traversal for Rust.

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Asynchronous directory traversal for Rust.

Based on async-fs and blocking, it uses a thread pool to handle blocking IOs. Please refere to those crates for the rationale. This crate is compatible with any async runtime based on futures 0.3, which includes tokio, async-std and smol.

We do not plan to be as feature full as Walkdir crate in the synchronous world, but do not hesitate to open an issue or a PR.


use async_walkdir::WalkDir;
use futures_lite::future::block_on;
use futures_lite::stream::StreamExt;

block_on(async {
    let mut entries = WalkDir::new("my_directory");
    loop {
        match {
            Some(Ok(entry)) => println!("file: {}", entry.path().display()),
            Some(Err(e)) => {
                eprintln!("error: {}", e);
            None => break,