assert_approx_eq 1.1.0

assert approximately equal


a rust macro for asserting 2 numbers are approximately equal badge travis badge appveyor badge

This crate exports a macro for asserting that two numbers are approximately equal (1.0e-6, by default) to each other.

On panic, this macro will print the values of the expressions with their debug representations. You can optionally add an optional diff value. If you don't supply a diff value as an argument, 1.0e-6 is the default used.


To use this crate, add assert_approx_eq as a dependency of your Rust project.

Then, you can use the macro as follows:

use assert_approx_eq::assert_approx_eq;

let a = 3f64;
let b = 4f64;

assert_approx_eq!(a, b); // panics
assert_approx_eq!(a, b, 2f64); //does not panic
assert_approx_eq!(a, b, 1e-3f64); // panics

You can read documentation for how to use this crate on or view the example.


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