array-ops 0.1.0

Automatic method implementations for array data types


Ready made default method implementations for array data types.


This crate provides a number of traits with default implementations for most of the standard library's methods on array like data structures. All you need to do to apply them to your own array like data structure is to implement HasLength and Index<usize> (and IndexMut<usize> for mutable operations), which means you need a len() method and an index() method, and the Array trait will provide default methods for everything else, implemented using just those two methods.



# use array_ops::*;
# use std::ops::{Index, IndexMut};
#[derive(PartialEq, Eq, Debug)]
struct MyNewtypedVec<A>(Vec<A>);

impl<A> From<Vec<A>> for MyNewtypedVec<A> {
    fn from(vec: Vec<A>) -> Self {

impl<A> HasLength for MyNewtypedVec<A> {
    fn len(&self) -> usize {

impl<A> Index<usize> for MyNewtypedVec<A> {
    type Output = A;
    fn index(&self, index: usize) -> &A {

impl<A> IndexMut<usize> for MyNewtypedVec<A> {
    fn index_mut(&mut self, index: usize) -> &mut A {

impl<A> Array for MyNewtypedVec<A> {}
impl<A> ArrayMut for MyNewtypedVec<A> {}

# fn main() {
let mut my_vec = MyNewtypedVec::from(vec![3, 1, 3, 3, 7]);
assert!(my_vec.starts_with(&[3, 1, 3]));
let expected = MyNewtypedVec::from(vec![1, 3, 3, 3, 7]);
assert_eq!(expected, my_vec);
# }


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