apollo-router 1.35.0

A configurable, high-performance routing runtime for Apollo Federation 🚀

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Apollo Router

The Apollo Router is a configurable, high-performance graph router written in Rust to run a federated supergraph that uses Apollo Federation 2. It is well-tested, regularly benchmarked, includes major features of Apollo Gateway and serves production-scale workloads.

The latest release can always be found at the top of the Releases page along with past releases and release notes. We follow the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 specification when publishing new versions. A CHANGELOG.md is also included in the Git repository with information about each release.

Getting started

Follow the quickstart tutorial to get up and running with the Apollo Router.

See the documentation for more details and guides on running the Router:

  • using Helm charts in Kubernetes
  • with pre-published Docker images
  • including additional customizations
  • from source, and more!

Using the Apollo Router as a library

Most Apollo Router features can be defined using our YAML configuration and many customizations can be written with Rhai scripts which work on published binaries of the Router and do not require compilation.

If you prefer to write customizations in Rust or need more advanced customizations, see our section on native customizations for information on how to use apollo-router as a Rust library. We also publish Rust-specific documentation on our apollo-router crate docs.

The minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) for this version of apollo-router is 1.72.0.