an-rope 0.3.1

an rope for large text documents.

an rope

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An immutable Rope data structure for storing large text documents. This implementation is a component of the an-editor project.

A rope is an efficient data structure for large strings. It's essentially a binary tree whose leaves are strings.

For more information, see the following resources:


an-rope is built against the latest stable, beta, and nightly Rust releases, on macOS and Ubuntu. Some features rely on nightly Rust, and may not be available on other release channels.

cargo feature flags

  • tendril: use the tendril library to optimise performance for small strings.
  • rebalance: enable Rope rebalancing.
  • atomic: ensure Ropes are thread-safe (use Arc or atomic tendrils)
  • unstable: enable nightly Rust features. pass this flag if building on nightly Rust.