alchemy-macros 0.1.0

A crate containing macros used in Alchemy, the Rust cross-platform GUI framework.


This crate holds macros for two things, primarily:

  • rsx! {}, which transforms <View></<View> tags into their proper RSX calls. Much of this is forked from the awesome work done by Bodil Stokke in typed-html.
  • styles! {}, which transforms CSS style nodes into Vec<Styles>, which the rendering engine uses to theme and style nodes. This relies on the CSS Parser from Servo. Styles do not support cascading; this is a design decision, as inheritance is already a bit of a taboo in Rust, so to do it in styling code feels really odd and involves a mental shift the deeper you go. Opt to apply successive style keys, conditionally if need be, to achieve the same thing with a compositional approach.

Questions, Comments?

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