aedat 1.3.3

A fast AEDAT4 Rust implementation. Forked from, a Rust AEDAT4 decoder for Python projects.


AEDAT is a fast AEDAT 4 Rust reader.

This project was forked from, to simply remove the Python hooks and to publish it as a crate. You can use this crate when building bespoke Rust software for processing DVS/DAVIS AEDAT4 files--e.g., networked vision systems or event compressors. page


Refer to the source project for some documentation, especially src/ Future work will focus on adding proper Cargo docs to the Rust code.

Release notes

v1.3.0, 2023-03-08

  • Update socketed/TCP connections for dv-gui v1.6. This is a breaking (but good) change, as dv-gui added an IO header to the beginning of each packet.

Development to-do list

  • Add docs
  • Use buffered file readers, if they prove to be faster