adblock 0.1.19

Native Rust module for Adblock Plus syntax (e.g. EasyList, EasyPrivacy) filter parsing and matching.

Ad Block engine in Rust

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Native Rust module for Adblock Plus syntax (e.g. EasyList, EasyPrivacy) filter parsing and matching.

It uses a tokenisation approach for qucikly reducing the potentially matching rule search space against a URL.

The algorithm is inspired by, and closely follows the algorithm of uBlock Origin and Cliqz.

Somewhat graphical explanation of the algorithm:

Ad Block Algorithm


Demo use in Rust:

extern crate adblock;

use adblock::engine::Engine;

fn main() {
    let rules = vec![

    let blocker = Engine::from_rules_debug(&rules);
    let blocker_result = blocker.check_network_urls("", "", "image");

    println!("Blocker result: {:?}", blocker_result);

Node.js module demo

Note the Node.js module has overheads inherent to boundary crossing between JS and native code.

const AdBlockClient = require('adblock-rs');
let el_rules = fs.readFileSync('./data/', { encoding: 'utf-8' }).split('\n');
let ubo_unbreak_rules = fs.readFileSync('./data/uBlockOrigin/unbreak.txt', { encoding: 'utf-8' }).split('\n');
let rules = el_rules.concat(ubo_unbreak_rules);
let resources = fs.readFileSync('./data/uBlockOrigin/resources.txt', { encoding: 'utf-8' });

// create client with debug = true
const client = new AdBlockClient.Engine(rules, true);

const serializedArrayBuffer = client.serialize(); // Serialize the engine to an ArrayBuffer

console.log(`Engine size: ${(serializedArrayBuffer.byteLength / 1024 / 1024).toFixed(2)} MB`);

console.log("Matching:", client.check("", "", "image"))
// Match with full debuging info
console.log("Matching:", client.check("", "", "image", true))
// No, but still with debugging info
console.log("Matching:", client.check("", "", "script", true))
// Example that inlcludes a redirect response
console.log("Matching:", client.check("", "", "script", true))


  • Function for extracting CSP directives
  • Generate string representation of a rule when debug mode is off (i.e. initial rule is not available)
  • Cosmetic filters