GSL-sys 3.0.0

A rust binding for the GSL (the GNU scientific library)


This is the FFI counter-part of the Rust GSL crate. It is better to use the GSL crate directly rather than this one (unless something is missing the Rust binding!).

Update FFI

Most of the FFI is generated using bindgen. Therefore, it'll be used to update. You'll also need the gsl repository locally because we need its headers.

Basically, an update would look like this:

cd bin && cargo run

However, if you want to change the output a bit, it's strongly recommended that you instead clone and setup the GSL repository on your computer directly:

tar xzf gsl-2.7.tar.gz
cd gsl-2.7
# The headers should now all be in the gsl-2.7 subfolder!

Then run the FFI generation like this:

cd bin && cargo run -- [PATH TO GSL]

It'll prevent all the clone and rebuild every time.