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Parse configuration files.

The confget library parses configuration files (currently INI-style files only) and allows a program to use the values defined in them. It provides various options for selecting the variable names and values to return and the configuration file sections to fetch them from.

The confget library may also be used as a command-line tool with the same interface as the C implementation.

Quick-and-easy parsing of INI-style files

The read_ini_file function will parse an INI-style file and return a hashmap of the values found in its various sections, as well as the name of the first section found in the file (or the one specified in the configuration if the section_override option is enabled).

// Default configuration except for the filename.
let config = confget::Config {
    filename: Some(confdir.join("config.ini").to_str().unwrap().to_string()),
let (data, first_section) = confget::read_ini_file(&config)?;

For the crate’s change history, see the CHANGES file in the source distribution.


pub use defs::ConfgetError;
pub use defs::Config;


Abstract definitions for data parsing backends.

Common definitions used by the various confget modules.

Format the variable names and values as specified by the configuration.


Construct an object of the specified backend type.

Read an INI-style file with the specified configuration.